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May 15 - June 12, Friday Nights

omaha & lincoln

4th - 9th Grade (Fall 2020)

Registration Closes April 15

may 16-17

High school and youth divisions

Information and Registration coming soon!

2020 Tournament

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fall 2020

4th - 6th grade


2020 Fall League

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ARQ Athletics

ARQ Athletics provides the sport of 7 on 7 Football to the Midwest. 7 on 7 Football is growing rapidly as parents, players, and coaches recognize the sport for being an inexpensive, and safe way to improve position specific skills, and compete amongst peers.

ARQ 7 on 7 is touch based, with minimal contact that serves grades 4th - 9th and is designed for all skill levels.  The beginner player will be introduced to the game of football in a fun and safe environment. The intermediate player will get more repetitions at a position or the opportunity to learn a different one. The advanced player will focus on their position specific skills and increasing their game IQ to benefit them as they work towards a high school team. 

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